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Sunday, November 1, 2009

CCE method of evaluation

CCE method of evaluation
                                                             A very warm welcome to the method of evaluation for the CBSE's BOARD STUDENTS. All it goes to Mr. Sibbal. Now the students can parform perfectly without anykind of parental or social pressure of Indian MUMBO-ZUMBO "Is saal board hain..." Everybody appreciating the step.

In my openion its a WORST STEP (A step to improve CBSE's PERFORMANCE, instead of the students'). Actually m a favourer of introduction of FULLY MCQ patterned Questions. To Support my view m asking a question-

If all competitive Exams in India includes MCQ BASED TESTING (To make a DOCTOR,ENGINEER, PILOT, ARMED OFFICER etc). So why couldn't we decide the capablity of a student too by this pattern?Why we can't put MCQ based Questions in Board Exams Too as we Face in IIT,AFMC,AIEEE?
If we could produce a DOCTOR,ENGINEER, PILOT, or an ARMED OFFICER by this pattern,we can produce an intelligent MATRICULATE too.

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