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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ye Mera India (003)

What  a bad (but amazing) news....Two Train Accidents in a same style...at least 12 person were killed while crossing a railway track at two different places at nearly same timings!

Ok m agreed, its the way how Nature treats...but aren't we (the victims and the governing body) responsible??
The accidents happen accidentally. But if the gangman paid a bit of attention (At site 1) or the rail track crosser  paid a bit of attention (At site2),it could be avoided. Basically the FLYOVER was responsible, being 1.5km long, people instead of using it, crosses it directly...which, I think was the main Cause.
i cant do any thing for them who had lost their lives...but by writting this blog i may pay a tribute to them and make a humble request to those OFFICIALS who proposes such useless bridge (flyover) and those governing bodies under whom the gangman occurs that they should be throuhgly trained to avoid such accidents.

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