Summative Assessment II for Class X (FAQs)

Summative Assessment II for Class X
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Who is eligible to appear for school conducted SA-II?
Ans Students of Senior Secondary Schools who do not wish to move out of

Q2 Who is eligible to appear in the Board conducted SA-II?
Ans i. All the students of Secondary Schools; and
ii. Students of Senior Secondary Schools, if they wish to move out of the

Q3 If I intend to change my school after Class X but do not want to
change the CBSE Board, do I need to sit for the Board conducted
Ans If you are a student of a Secondary School, then you need to sit for
Board conducted SA-II; if you are a student of a Senior Secondary
School, then you need to sit for the School conducted SA-II only.Adobe Lightroom 3 - The Missing FAQ - Real Answers to Real Questions asked by Lightroom Users

Q4 Will the certificates of those students who appear in School
conducted SA-II and Board conducted SA-II be different?
Ans No, the certificate being issued by the Board to all the students passing
out of the CBSE affiliated schools whether they have appeared in School

Q5 Will the syllabus for Board conducted SA-II cover the entire year
(first and second term) and that for school conducted SA-II be for
the second term only?
Ans No, the syllabus for both types of SA-II will be the same and it will be
the one prescribed by the Board for the Second term only. This is
available on the CBSE Website ( Frequently Asked Questions

Q6 Will the method of assessment between the Board conducted SA-II
and School conducted SA-II will be different?
Ans No, both types of Answer Books will be assessed based on the Marking
Scheme prepared by the Board. The assessment under Board Conducted
SA-II will be done by the school teachers from outside the school, while
that under School Conducted SA-II will be done by the school teachers
of the same school.U2 FAQ (Faq Series)

Q7 If I have taken School conducted SA-II and I am transferred to a
place where there are no CBSE affiliated school, will other Boards
admit me in Class XI?
Ans As the certificate at the end of Class is going to be issued by the CBSE
there should not be any problem for you in getting admission in Class XI,
as there is equivalence between Class X of different Boards.A Little FAQ

Q8 If I sit for Board conducted SA-II, will my certificate show Grades
for only SA-II obtained by me and not Grades given to me by the
School under CCE throughout the year?
Ans No, Board conducted SA-II will only be one part of the overall statement
of assessment to be issued by the Board. The certificate will show the
overall Grades obtained by you in Summative and Formative Assessments
(SA and FA). SA consists of both the Summative Assessments and FA
consists of all the four Formative Assessments.Sony BDV-E570 Blu-ray Player Home Entertainment System [3D Compatible]

Q9 How will a School know whether I am leaving the CBSE system or
not? (Student Query)
Ans Schools are asking the Parents to give in writing about their intention to
continue in the CBSE system or otherwise.FAQS

Q10 If I give in writing that I am leaving the CBSE system and after the
end of Class X results I do not go outside the CBSE system or want
to stay in the same school, will I be forced by the school to leave
the CBSE system or my school?
Ans You are expected to make a conscious decision before giving in writing
about your intention of going out of CBSE system. But having given in
writing that you are going to leave the CBSE system, you may probably
forego your priority in admission in Class XI in the same school. However,
such cases would be dealt with on merit by the school as they have
autonomy to decide and the CBSE has never micro managed schools as per
past practice.A Little FAQ

Q11 Some of the schools are liberal in giving marks while some of them
are not. Will I not suffer on account of strict marking by my
Ans No student would suffer because of strict marking or benefit from
lenient marking as the Marking Scheme for all Question Papers in all
major subjects would be provided by the Board and teachers would be
directed to adhere to the Marking Scheme in each subject. However, to
avoid any such apprehension the Board is contemplating to undertake
moderation of marks based on marks distribution of the students in the
school as well as random verification by the CBSE of the assessment done
by the school.FAQS

Q12 If I have given an Option that I will be appearing in Board conducted
SA-II but afterwards, say, in 22nd Dec., 2010, I want to change my
option to school conducted SA-II, and vice-versa, will I be eligible to
do that?
Ans The Board expects you to make a conscious decision. However, for this
year the Board will permit change of such options. All such requests, duly
forwarded by the school, must be received in the Board’s concerned
Regional Office latest by 15th December, 2010.Backbeat Books Fab Four Faq 2.0: The Beatles' Solo Years 1970--1980

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