CCE SA2 (CLASS 9th and 10th) Syllabus & Marking Scheme

CCE SA2 Syllabus, Marking Scheme,
Weightage and Other Clarifications
(CLASS 9th and 10th)
According to the issued circular by CBSE (Circular No. 43/2010), the students should aware of the following facts and information:

  • The syllabus in each subject for Classes IX and X has been distributed term wise. This term wise syllabus is available on the CBSE website ( or Scroll Down to Download ).
  • All the  students  irrespective  of their  studying in secondary  or senior secondary school or continuing  or leaving the CBSE Board after  class-X,  will be  required to undergo  various assessments in co-scholastic areas in classes IX and X at school level as  indicated earlier.
  • The Summative Assessments-II (SA-II) conducted by the school ( School conducted) 
  • and conducted by the Board (Board conducted)  will be – 
1. Based on same syllabus prescribed for Term II only, 
2. Will carry the same weightage of 40% towards final grade, 
    3. Will be based on the same types of question papers in term of question paper 
      design, blue print and difficulty level 
        4. Will be evaluated  on the basis  of  similar marking schemes prepared by the 

          • At the end of class-X, every student  (irrespective  of his/her  studying in secondary  or  senior secondary school or continuing  or leaving the CBSE Board after  class X) will get the  same  Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Certificate of School Based Assessment prepared, printed and signed by the Board.  For this, the board will collect the data electronically from all the schools.  The Board reserves the right to randomly verify the records of different assessments done by the schools and moderate the same if required. Detailed procedure for   collection of data will be sent to the schools in due course of time.
          • All schools except winter closing schools are expected to conduct Term I Summative Assessment (SA-I) in the month of September and Term II Summative Assessment (SA-II) in the month of March. The  Board will provide/vet the question papers and marking schemes in all the subjects for classes IX and X for SA-I as well as SA-II. For details regarding question papers for SA-I, the Board’s Circular No. 43/2010 dated 02.8.2010 may please be referred to. 
          Term I and Term II will have following weightage: 
           Term I: FA1 (10%) +FA2 (10%) +SA1 (20%)   = 40% 
           Term II: FA3 (10%) +FA4 (10%) +SA2 (40%)  = 60% 
          Formative Assessments:  
           FA1 (10%) +FA2 (10%) + FA3 (10%) +FA4 (10%)  = 40% 
          Summative Assessments: 
           SA1 (20%) +SA2 (40%) = 60% 

          •  The schools may adapt the Report Card to some extent in terms of the size, colour, paper to be used, however, the divisions and the content must follow as given in the format.  The Model Format of the Report Card is already provided to the schools.  Schools are requested to use the current format w.e.f. this session both for Classes IX & X.   

          To Know the further Details, you may download the circular for free!
          Click Below to Download

          To Download the CCE Syllabus For SA1 and SA2
          Click Below to Download

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