UPLOAD and WIN Contest

Now You can Win too!
  • Its easy, At the end of the exam, Visit CBSEinfo.
  • Upload your scanned (or typed) Latest CBSE Board Exam 2011 Question Paper (Or Any Board, Any Class, Any Subject. More the No of papers, More the chances of prizes!).
  • Before Uploading Rename the Paper as given in the example:
For Example:

  • Compose an e-mail as shown in the example given below:
    Your Name: Neelam
    Uploaded Paper's Name: Science_9_CBSECCE_2011_Neelam_stmarrydelhicantt.doc
    School's Name: St. Marry, Delhi Cantt
    Class: 9th
    Mobile No. : 786XXXXX10
    FILE LINK (Optional): http://www.mediafire.com/file/1umdwguhtoy/Science_9_CBSECCE_2011_Neelam_stmarrydelhicantt.doc
    (Don't worry if you don't have the file link, its optional!)

    and Send to cbseinfo@indiatimes.com  
  • We'll Contact You (Lucky Draw) for a Cash Reward of Rs 1000!
  •  5 prizes for each class, ain't u the Luckiest??
  • Offer Closes on 15th May 2011. Upload Question Paper NOW!

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