Parents protest 'costly education'

ICSE became "I Call it Simply Exploitation" and 
CBSE was "Central Board for Students' Exploitation"

BANGALORE: Parents of school children staged a protest against issues such as donation, increase in school fees and early admission, at Freedom Park on Saturday.
The placards they held mocked the acronyms of two leading education boards. ICSE became "I Call it Simply Exploitation" and their acronym for CBSE was "Central Board for Students' Exploitation".

The Physics of Soccer: Using Math and Science to Improve Your GameZeenat S of Parachute Regiment School Parents' Welfare Association said they had filed a case in Karnataka High Court challenging 100 per cent fees hike in 2009. She said the court had passed a stay order in this regard four months ago but even then the parents were being asked to pay the increased fees. She added that Regiment School had violated the norms and the CBSE and was not monitoring school managements.

Shiva Prasad of parents' welfare association of Airforce School, Hebbal, said the fees had been hiked up to 130 per cent in the school. He said they understood that inflation was a cause of the hike but the revised fees was too much nevertheless. He rued that parents were helpless and the hike was not bringing any kind of value addition to the education either.

Shamshad, parent of two boys, said she had to pay Rs 20,000 a year for each of her son's education. Her sons study at G R Vidyadeep Public School, affiliated to state syllabus. She said the hefty fees had led to a a financial crunch at home and the family had to compromise on living expenses. She said the fees was too high for them as her husband is an autorickshaw driver but she could not compromise on her sons' education either. She said the government had to look into the problem immediately.

Cheap Math Lab Equipment: How to Make It, How to Use ItAnother parent complained about the high amount of donation popular schools in and around R T Nagar had demanded for his son's admission in LKG. He asked from where was he supposed to get Rs 40,000 - 50,000 for donation.The parents' associations have decided to make their agitations bolder if the education boards do not look into the issues soon. 


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