Below A 1 grade? No admission for you

Chennai: most private matriculation schools in the city have no place for any student scoring below the A 1 grade.

Even as the CBSE tries to bridge the gap between the top rank holders and the others, with a no-ranking system, most private matriculation schools in the city have no place for any student scoring below the A 1 grade.
When Sai Niranjana from SRDS Vivekananda Vidyalaya, who scored an 82 per cent, an A 2 grade in the Class 10 CBSE examinations approached matriculation schools, they simply refused to admit anybody below the A 1 grade.
Says her sister Madhu, “We approached the Ahobila Math School and the Prince Matriculation School in both Nanganallur and Madipakkam, among others. We were simply told that anybody who scored below the A 1 grade would not be admitted.”
Says Priyamvada Balasubramaniam, a Class 10 pass out from PSBB Senior Secondary School, “They don’t understand that an A 2 in CBSE is no easy task either. If the Board had made it easy for us with a no-ranking situation, the matriculation school heads are back to square-one in again admitting the students based on this ranking system. We went to popular matriculation schools in T Nagar and Mylapore, and they had simply finished off with the whole admission process, even on the day the results came.”
Mythili Ranganthan from Modern School says, “There are no seats available at all for even the nine pointers, with so many A 1 graders this time. Being a nine-pointer I still feel completely unrecognised, as I am not able to get a seat in any of the Matriculation schools, as they don’t recognise us. And I am not even talking of the popular schools.” She further points out, “I cannot even continue in the same school, as I want to switch over from the CBSE stream,” she pointed out.
Her friend, Mitra Raghav, who scored well, has issues too. “ I badly want to study the Science stream. But it is simply being refused because I have scored A 2, with 88 per cent. This is just disappointing.”
Meanwhile, justifying the stand of the schools, Matric school head, Jayanthi Vishwanathan, said that with so many
A 1 graders this time, it is difficult for the schools to admit students who haven’t scored well. “The priority of any school will obviously be to admit the best students, as we have the Class 12 public examinations lying ahead and each school has to reflect the best results. This time around, there have been just so many top graders that it has become difficult even for CBSE schools to let all their good graders study in the Science stream. With each CBSE school in the city having more than 60-70 A 1 graders at a minimum, and most students opting for a shift to Matric schools, what are we expected to do? We are forced to have our cut off as the A 1 grade,” she said. via-

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