For ICSE students, good marks do not guarantee admission to CBSE Class 11

Migrating to CBSE?? nut or walnut...

CHENNAI: Vishal Kataria scored 93% in his class 10 board exams and his family rejoiced. But, for the last week, he has been running from one school to another seeking admission to class 11. His school,Hari Shree Vidyalayam, only has upto class 10, and Vishal is not sure where he will be able to pursue his education.

"I have tried in all leading CBSE schools in and around Adyar and Mylapore, but none of them is giving me information about whether and when I will get admission in class 11. I have been visiting each school during the last week. I realise that you don't get admission even if you secure good marks," said Vishal.

Many students of ICSE schools in the city face the same problem. Only four ICSE schools here have upto class 12, and their intake in higher secondary is limited. So students of schools that have only upto class 10 have no choice but to look to CBSE, matriculation and state board schools for admission to class 11.

The class 10 pass percentage in the board exams of the state board and the Central Board of Secondary Education is high, and many students have secured high marks. This year, the number of centums in maths and science has also gone up manifold. Both CBSE and state board schools are finding it difficult to give all their students the groups of their choice.

"There is a high court ruling that insists that we give our students the first preference and take in students from other schools only if our seats go vacant. This means students from other schools seeking admission will have to wait till our final list is put up. The CBSE class 10 results were released only this week, and our admissions are not yet over," said the principal of a CBSE school. 


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