Now Access Your Favorite CBSEinfo Magazine ON MOBILE: The CBSEinfo Magobile

A Message to all users/visitors of STAR SSB MAGAZINE

Now Access Your Favorite





Now you can access your favorite CBSEinfoMagazine via mobile (w.e.f 01-06-2011) via Google reader !

Just open through your mobile and click on MOBILE VIEW.

Its helpful for those students who got struck due to unavailability of internet access!!

* Features:
  • Easy to load
  • Works faster in even in slow internet connections
  • Can be easily accessed  thorough mobile phones (which supports gprs)
  • Now you can access SSB tips at SSB Selection Centers (via mobile)
  • CBSEinfo
    displays all the posts and publications of CBSEinfoMagazine
Happy Surfing!

Thanks and Regards

ZAX (Owner and Founder)
CBSEinfo Magazine
Oriro Infotech


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