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1. Welcome to CBSEinfo.com.
2. Here at CBSEinfo, we aim to provide the CBSE (and All Other Board) students with all the important information they need. There are plenty of features offered on the website.
3. Our other services (web portals) are:
a) Scholars India Network which provides assistance in Admission, Scholarship, Internship, Study Loan and Soft Skill Training Services. and,
b) STAR SSB Magazine which provides SSB information and Direct Entry Schemes for Indian Army, Air Force and Navy including CDSE and OTA exam alerts.
4. We keep posting Board Sample Papers from CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, and all State Boards with Articles and Media News to motivate students and to help them in their studies on regular basis.
5. Apart from the above features, our aim is to provide a stress-free academic support that is totally student-centered with a holistic educational system. 

6.We also monitor and analyze the CBSE and all other Boards (ICSE, NIOS, State Boards) to ensure the activities and information being shared with the students, and hence, we provide updated exam instructions, date sheet, and syllabus so students maintain a high academic standard.
7. The students are also offered entrance exams and job oriented links so they can not just get an education, but be self-supportive.
8. Our Belief: We believe education is the right of everyone. We embrace everyone who is eager to get an education. We encourage all those students who are curious and want answers. As this is what propels them to learn.
9. Student Contribution: We invite Student Content writers to contribute their thoughts in the form of Articles and internship certificates.
10. For Feedback / Suggestions and Queries, please write to us at: help@cbseinfo.com
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1. CBSEinfo ("CBSEinfo Magazine", "us", "we", or "our") represents https://www.cbse.com website (the "Service").
2. The Social Media entities too; which are present officially on the name of CBSEinfo, linked on this website represents www.cbseinfo.com.
3. The "user" mentioned in this website represents "website visitors", "readers" and "followers".
4. The "Content" represents "posts", "articles", "videos", "links", "pictures", "quotes", "shared urls", and "written opinon"
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1. We, CBSEinfo (www.cbseinfo.com) is not affiliated with the websites/ organisations/ portals listed/ shared on our website. 
2. We are not affiliated to or officially recognized by any of the Central / State Government, or any other government / semi-government bodies.
3. We operate Independently by the help of the resources available on the internet.
4. All the information furnished on CBSEinfo should be treated as unofficial and informative in nature and the content / articles published here are the individual opinion of the content providers / article author.
5. The students / visitors / users must go through the concerned websites or sources for duly and full (official) information.
6. It should also be noted that the content published on CBSEinfo is only for the interest for our readers (mostly of which are students) and so as to provide them academic help. Hence, CBSEinfo neither intend to take the credit of the content providers nor endorse them.
7. In case of any copyright violation (inadvertently), we are happy to comply with any polite suggestion by legal owners of content to remove it. Please write to us at: help@cbseinfo.com for the same.
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